As you remember, in my last video, we talked about how a single technology platform to run your business would save you thousands of dollars and make things much more efficient. 

Now, we’ll examine the pieces of that platform. 

The first is personalized landing pages. Every agent has a website, but when’s the last time you actually went to a website and logged in? Do you want your buyers and sellers to actually have to go through the process of logging in and looking at the same thing everybody else does when they pull up your website? Of course not—those days are long gone. 

What do I mean by personalized landing page? On our Keller Williams tech platform, our agents have the ability to send an individual landing page link to each person in their database based on their home address. This link will be based on their specific neighborhood, which we’re already well-acquainted with because of our partnership with Nextdoor.

“Imagine being able to deliver this personalized landing page to everyone in your database.”

Imagine being able to deliver this personalized landing page to everyone in your database. This page will show them all the activity in their neighborhood and the surrounding ones, allow them to check inventory levels (which are updated every 15 minutes), and enable them to ask questions about their property without requiring them to log in. 

We all want high rates of customer engagement, right? Well, think about companies with high rates of customer engagement, such as Amazon. They individualize your landing page based on your habits and preferences. 

Imagine being able to do the same thing in real estate—deliver neighborhood- and property-specific information to every single person in your database. I bet you’d capture a lot more business. 

To learn more about our platform, visit and surf around. In the meantime, stay tuned for my next video where I’ll discuss the next piece of your technology platform. 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.