How should you market to your consumers for a curated experience? We know that providing a curating experience is top of mind right now because of the tools companies like what Amazon and Netflix provide. We want real estate to be equivalent in its value delivered to customers. What we have here at Keller Williams is a landing page.

A landing page is a personalized website that your consumer is going to have in the palm of their hand any time they want to log in and see real-time market data for active homes, pending homes, and closed homes in their neighborhood. How valuable would that be? People can see that a home nearby was just listed, they may wonder what the price is, then they can see a page their local expert has shared with them, and they can see that information at any time. Right at their fingertips, ready to go at all times. That’s going to give you a professional, curated experience that your customers are going to love. 

“A landing page is a personalized website that your consumer is going to have in the palm of their hand”

Also, a landing page is going to give them the awareness of what’s happening in their neighborhood regarding real estate. It’s going to have the Yelp and Google reviews, so they’ll also have data on parks, schools, coffee shops, restaurants, what’s new, and the reviews of all these things right in their neighborhood. 

Another reason why this will be the most wonderful feature you share with your clients is that you used to be limited by local connections through the local real estate network. Now Keller Williams has given you nationwide options. Not only can they look up their local information, but they can also look up their mountain home, beach house, or other vacation residence anywhere in the country and get the data, statistics, and restaurants. For example, when they’re planning on staying there, it can help them choose where they may want to go to dinner when they arrive. 

You are going to show up in their lives consistently to administer the true, valuable information they’re looking for. You’ll provide a curated experience that is first-rate, above what anyone else delivers

If you’re looking for your local, curated page you can contact your local Keller Williams agent. If you’re an agent out there looking to find out how this technology can work for you to make you the best agent around, please feel free to reach out by phone or email, I’m happy to talk with you about this.